Niccolo Paganini the great virtuoso violinist, who was born in 1782 in Genoa, was performing to a packed house with a full orchestra, a string on his violin suddenly snapped.Paganini continued to play improvising beautifully.To everyone’s surprise, a second string broke.And then a third … Paganini stood there with three strings dangling from his Stradivarius, but instead of leaving the stage, he calmly completed the music on the one remaining string.It became one of the most memorable concerts of his career.Another great man Louis Pasteur said “Let me tell you the secret that has led me to my strength lies solely in my tenacity”.Often genius is perseverance in disguise.


Everything begins with E

Well it does not nope really tea that does not begin with an E oh well it has been one of those days and before I start sounding like sesame street I will quit .what I am hoping to share are some of my favs I could not be without life will come to a stop if I don’t have them well it won’t really but you get the idea I know you do, I love this time of year crisp mornings crunchy leaves underfoot chapped lips, sore hands, runny nose, there are lots of downsides, central heating drying out the atmosphere as well as your skin, damp overcrowded buses and trains where the germs have a captive audience what should we do ,now I cannot speak for everyone and I dont wish to , I may not like everyone enough to bestow vital and important information to them but I will share with you the two vital letter Es for December ,one is the totally fab range of Vitamin E products wait for this drumroll by superdrugs , you thought I was going to say something fancy,well i do not do fancy i live on a tight budget so facecreams of anykind  have to fit in ,I do not go for labels or the supposed famous stamp of approval I also do not have a proud bone in my body and will big up superdrug. Value folks Night cream one for day, wrinkles around the eyes and a 360 oil spray just in case you cant reach a bit because you are physically challenged and can no longer stretch that far ,a word to the wise this cream although it is an antioxidant it is a heavy cream, so if you have greasy or combination skin it could cause a breakout, but if your skin is as dry as a desert and as wrinkly as a prune you will feel the benefit .The second fav E comes to us all the way from North America, well I get mine from Holland and Barrets but if you have the money go pick your own Echinacea the most amazing flower traceable back to the 18th century, used by the Native Americans it encourages the immune system and reduces many of the symptoms of colds, it comes as a pill, as a tea I use the drops that you mix in water and although I get colds they do not knock me off of my feet Little note here please check with gp if you are taking prescription medication , it is not something to be taken at all times but products like the tea do only have a small ammount of the active ingredient ,This post was badly typed but Lisa who thinks she has a sense of humor well I have to ,    and the letter E

Time to be

Do we take time to just be, this is something I am trying to get into the habit of, we are after all a long time dead, making the most of every moment is something that is so hard to do, always so much to do and not time to do it in.we expect the body to cope, but the body will rebel and this manifests itself in some varied ways, everything from digestive issues through to insomnia Once this was something experienced by the so-called high flyers and executives but now everyone is calling at deadline central and there are no exceptions, young, old, wealthy, poor stress does not discriminate. In the midst of the bedlam that is the month of Christmas take time out for you forget the time , put down the phone or better still turn of the phone and just think , what is important you are, without you the universe would be missing a vital element we each add something to this world, In this 24hr world do we observe the miracles around us, do we see a sea of happy faces or is it just worry etched onto the faces of tired lackluster individuals .Practise the art of grounding here are some simple tips, press your toes into the floor become aware of where you are standing, use essential oils my fav has to be grapefruit oil BUT PLEASE BE CAREFUL AS SOME OILS CANNOT BE USED WHEN PREGNANT OR TAKING CERTAIN MEDICATIONS ALWAYS CHECK.Have a nice cup of tea again I will put out there Twinnings Christmas selection green tea mmmm salted caramel, gingerbread but your fav cuppa with your feet up in a quiet space can be a much-needed timeout, and believe it or not if you stop for 30mins the washing up will still be there, you will just be better equipped to do it, you can never serve from an empty vessel be kind to yourself, take a break and enjoy the small things ……….


OMG a fav of mine Nutmeg just the smell makes you feel warm and cuddled sorry bit too much info there, no seriously as well as rice pudding , and egg custard and hundreds of yummy things Nutmegs benefits include aiding digestion, improving cognitive function, lol helping you to think how you would like your nutmeg, maintaining good oral health that is for when you have eaten everything with nutmeg in and surprise of all surprises it is good for insomnia too, what more could you want yummy x

This is me

Hi there everyone lots of advice out there how to write a blog did not realize the complexity of it all well what to write well what is there in my life well so much it would be impossible to recall all at once , when you reach a certain age it all goes a bit well you know thingy vague blurred around the edges yes I feel confident to announce I am not a slip of a girl anymore, I like to think in my mind I am but my body reminds me no don’t even go there I have now started at the local gym as well as hydrotherapy yes I am falling apart one piece at a time in the most graceful manner I know how .My fav things well where do you even start with that one the hound, the greyhound His name Jason Sir Jason handsome young man he is, part of me thinks it must be the amount of time he spends asleep that allows the sheer grace and beauty and then part of me screams hey he is just like you sleeping on his back legs everywhere tongue lolling to the side eyes twitching yep you see I am quite the beauty Food is also something that is on the list of favs but it is my battle food and me have an ongoing battle items such as chocolate leave me in a dither fruit and nut that must be healthy dairy, some of your five a day nuts theres your protein well you see where I am going with this What do i want in life well for fear of sounding like I am in a beauty pagent world peace would be a good start ,the world ticks me of on some days i will have lunatic rants at anyone who will listen normally just the dog with whom I address the fact we do  not want GMO corn in his kibble So yes I am a bit random I am also interested in alternative medicine and no it is not hocus pocus and if you dont like my opinion well tough I am too old to long in the tooth to belong to generation snowflake I am just me and if I learn how to do this properly follow me if you want, if you dont I promise I won’t be offended I may just send my own personal flock of killer pigeons after you though